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Learn about IGA and U-splines: Attend April Coreform conference presentations in Europe

Learn more about Coreform's game-changing U-splines technology at a number of simulation and geometric modeling conferences in April. We hope to meet you at one of these events.
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Isogeometric analysis and Model-Based Enterprise

Have you ever heard of the Model-Based Enterprise? It’s the idea of using a 3D CAD model to fully describe all the design requirements for a product. It might seem like an obvious idea – the 3D CAD model was painstakingly and accurately built, so why wouldn’t it be used as the artifact of record for manufacturing a part? In actuality, for historical reasons many industries are still relying on 2D drawings as the “source of truth” for what should be manufactured. It seems strange to make 2D drawings from a 3D CAD model – wouldn’t it make sense to just enhance and annotate the CAD model to provide the greatest insights for manufacturing?

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Dezignstuff article about Coreform

Matt Lombard's Dezignstuff blog was the epicenter of conversations and opinions about CAD software and surfacing earlier this decade. Siemens hired Matt several years ago and the blog died down; he's recently independent again and we're happy to see that he has started to write again. In his first interview since restarting his blog, he interviewed Coreform CEO Matt Sederberg about his past with T-Splines and what Coreform is doing to commercialize isogeometric analysis and U-splines.
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IGA conference in September

If you're familiar with isogeometric analysis (IGA), then you've likely heard of and probably attended the annual global IGA conference. This is the place to learn about all the advances that have been made over the past year in IGA. This year, Coreform co-founders Dr. Thomas Hughes, Dr. Derek Thomas, Dr. Michael Scott, and Mr. Matthew Sederberg will be at the IGA conference in Pavia, Italy, 11-13 September 2017.

We hope you can make it as well, if you'd like to meet up, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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U-splines presentation at USNCCM in Montreal

Dr. Derek Thomas will be presenting a paper on U-splines at the USNCCM conference in Montreal on July 17. Will you be attending? Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more about U-splines or to meet up there.
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U-splines public presentation 11 July

Dr. Michael Scott will present a paper on U-splines at the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics in Pittsburg on July 11. More details.
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U-splines to be introduced at SMI conference on June 21

Dr. Derek Thomas will present the first public lecture about U-splines at the S3PM Symposia in Berkeley, California, on Wednesday June 21, 2017. His talk is listed as MS-4-2. We hope that if you're at the conference you'll be able to attend this lecture.
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SolidSmack talks Coreform

SolidSmack has long been one of our favorite sites to catch what's new in the world of engineering and design. They recently did a writeup on Coreform - go check it out!
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Coreform develops software for better simulation through better geometry

IGA is more efficient and robust than traditional FEA.

At Coreform, we've been working for a few years (we previously called our company Isogeometrx) on laying the foundation for the commercial use of isogeometric analysis (IGA). IGA has been well-proven academically as an accurate and exciting field of finite element analysis (FEA). IGA is sometimes called "next-gen" FEA because of its promise of higher accuracy and unification with CAD geometry. But IGA has lacked enabling technology to be seriously used in industry. And, while anyone associated with the CAD or CAE industries would agree at a high level that significant efficiencies would be gained if FEA was able to be performed directly on CAD geometry without first simplifying, approximating, and meshing the CAD, such a vision would require massive, fundamental change.

A path towards this unification of CAD and FEA is emerging from our work at Coreform. We're working on a first commercial step of bringing the accuracy benefits of IGA to existing FEA workflows. We've invented an enabling technology, U-splines, that has shown promising early results as a basis for improved simulation as well as potential for use in CAD. We will be publicly unveiling U-splines later this year. In the meantime, it's time to start talking more about what we're up to and the power of IGA. Check out our website to learn more, including:

We acknowledge and thank our strong foundation of commercial and government partners who are funding our development. If you need higher accuracy in your simulations than you’re currently getting from FEA, or tighter integration between CAD and CAE, and would like us to consider your requirements as we continue development, let’s talk!

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Coreform to present with Ford at SAE

On April 5, 2017, Coreform will co-present results of its isogeometric analysis shell benchmarks with Ford at the SAE global congress in Detroit. This is a landmark presentation - the first public showing of results of our alpha isogeometric analysis solver, Coreform Analyze. Will you be at the SAE conference? Let’s meet up! Drop me a note at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Isogeometrx is now Coreform

When we founded Isogeometrx in 2014, it was in response to growing industry demand for commercial isogeomteric analysis tools. IGA had been invented back in 2005, and yet no commercial companies had emerged to champion its adoption within industry.

The past three years has seen our company evolve from an extension of a research group to a growing product company. We picked the new name Coreform in part because we were tired of explaining how to spell “Isogeometrx.” But also, after debating over 200 names between us, Coreform stood apart with both the strength of the name and the connotations it provided: truly, our mission is to enable better simulation through better geometry, and this is only possible by enhancing the core basis of the forms being simulated.

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